Curious How Our Seed Fund Works?

What are the Funding Opportunities?

Ideadvance grants are intended to support specific commercialization steps or milestones that will reduce the business risk in your ideas and ultimately help make your business investor-ready.

Stage 1 – funds up to $25,000 and focuses on helping you reduce the risk in your idea by determining what features will solve a real customer need
Stage 2 – funds up to $50,000 and focuses on developing a business model that effectively delivers solutions to customers and prepares the idea for investment

Once you complete Stage 1, you are eligible to apply for Stage 2 funding.  Stage 2 applicants must also provide 1:1 funding match of which 50% can be through in-kind matches.  To focus on the mission of commercialization, awards are not given in one lump sum but are incrementally dispersed based upon completion of commercialization milestones. Download the Stage 1 Proposal Guidelines to get started.

How are Proposals Evaluated?

Awards will be determined by an Investment Committee with representatives from a UW System campus, WiSys Technology Foundation, UW-Extension, WEDC, and an entrepreneur affiliated with an eligible UW Campus

What Are the Grant Deadlines?

Grant deadlines occur yearly in April, July and December with funding announcements in May, August and January. Our next Ideadvance proposals are due July 24, 2015 at 5PM CST.

How Do I Start?

Stage 1 applications are available now! Download the Stage 1 Proposal Instructions. To learn more about preparing a competitive application, view our Stage 1 Proposal Writing Tips Webinar recorded on April 11, 2014 and download associated Proposal Tips PowerPoint Slides.  As always, please contact the New Idea Concierge via email or at 608.263.3315 to discuss your idea.