Our Mission: Helping You, Helping Wisconsin

The Ideadvance Seed Fund springs from collaboration between UW-Extension, UW System, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). Their mission is to encourage UW System faculty, staff, and students to apply their expertise and scholarship to the economic development of Wisconsin. They know the UW System is rich in knowledge that could positively impact the state by not only increasing the number of businesses and jobs but also provide enhanced educational opportunities for students. The Ideadvance Seed Fund provides a source of capital to encourage and support the UW community to explore and de-risk their ideas, address roadblocks in a timely fashion, and ultimately accelerate commercialization of ideas across all disciplines. Unlike other capital programs, the Ideadvance Seed Fund is not about crafting a business or research plan. The focus is discovering your product or service’s true fit in the market by ‘getting out of the building’ and validating your customers and business model to save you both money and time. Through Lean Startup methodologies, access to expert business consultants, and support from the New Idea Concierge, you will determine how your great idea most effectively reaches customers. To get started, eligible applicants only need their great business idea and the drive to explore it. Contact the New Idea Concierge today to learn how to prepare your proposal.