Our mission is to help you evaluate and commercialize your ideas. In the past, entrepreneurs


were advised to write a business plan, pitch to investors, assemble a team, introduce a product,


and start selling as hard as you can. However, as much as 75% of all start-ups fail with this


approach. We believe there is a better way to help you de-risk and advance your idea using


the Lean Startup process. So, what is Lean Startup

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The Lean Startup method allows you to identify a problem, test your riskiest assumption with success criterion, and helps you pinpoint a value-add solution by talking with potential customers before coming up with a solution. Along the way, you are saving both time and money as you validate your assumptions.

To help you understand the process, all Ideadvance awardees will complete Lean Startup training as well as complete Lean Startup milestones as a condition to receive your funding disbursements. You can also rely upon the Lean Startup Consultant and your New Idea Concierge to help you troubleshoot along the way.